Circle Of God



Afif N. Shoucair, adopted the name Al-Yameen too; He was born in Lebanon, in the Middle East, in the Nineteenth of May 1938. He love his parents, and he called his father, God’s lion, and he called his mother Angel’s of God. His family lived in the suburb of Beirut. He and his brother went to a school in Beirut by the name of Madrassat Al-Hikmat or The Wisdom School. After Graduating he opened a school of his own, for the low income families, and that was in summer of 1959. The name of the school was Modern Lebanese School, an educational Institution in Bouj-Hammoud, in Greater Beirut. The Author embarked on his early career of promoting Education. He went to the United States of America in 1962, to learn about the American Educational System. He went to American Universities, and subsequently, teaching in both countries, the United States and Lebanon, and he loves both counties. While in America the Author suffered many tragedies; His only brother Dr. Ezzeddine N. Shoucair died at the age of 35 in Mt. Carmel hospital, with a massive heart attack in November 22, 1971. The author and his late brother came to USA for higher education. They graduated with high honors, and distinction. Civil war hit Lebanon, the author’s mother died, then his sister, and then his father. A dark cloud overshadows the author’s life. He went under tremendous sadness and pressure. He himself suffered an intensive heart attack, he submitted himself to the will of God. Before surgery he prayed and promised the Almighty God, if he stayed alive he will publish his research work. The Almighty God listened to the author’s prayers. The author published two books: Mysterious Nineteen in both Arabic and English, also Circle of God in Arabic! And now Circle of God in English. The author has fulfilled his promises and he is content. The author has a sincere belief in the Almighty God and His miracles of Nineteen and Circle of God. The author believes strongly that Circle of God is the only solution to a genuine peace to all mankind on the globe. The author believes beyond any doubts, that the words of God are absolutely will come true sooner or later. The Almighty God said: “Over it are Nineteen*”; “And we have set none but angels as guardians of the fire, and we have fixed their number as a trial for the unbelievers, in order that the people of the book, may arrive at certainty, and the believers may increase in faith, and that no doughts be left with the people of the book and the believers*”.

The author is married and he is very proud of his family. His wife Suead is a teacher; his older son Dr. Dean Shoucair is a medical Doctor, he is married and has two handsome boys; his second son Saad is a successful engineer; also his daughter Zanobia is a licensed physical therapist, and happily married with two beautiful children; his daughter Summer is a college graduate, historian and script writer, happily married with two smart and beautiful children; his daughter Sarah is a director in education with post graduate, and she is happily married. All of them were graduated with distinction and honor. His son Adam is a political science major, writer, and music talented and works for a big company, he is married and have a beautyful son named Benjamin Adam. His youngest son Benjamin is a gifted poet, pursuing Anthropology degree,and he wants to be a university professor. The author is a man of two countries; Lebanon and the United States of America, and he loved both equally. He is very proud of his family, and proud of his firsthome Lebanon, the jewel of the Middle East; also he admires the great advancement of America, which is done by hard work. The author wrote his books in two Languages, English and Arabic. He is very proud of his heritage, and admires all the Lebanese and the Arabs in general for contributing in many ways and skills, to this great country America, which we became very good contributors to the American society in general. The author’s lifelong desire was to help people in every way as his father before him did in Lebanon. Also he wants to enlighten the mind of the people around the world to establish a genuine Foundation for peace. The Author has one wish to make: He hopes that every one in this world have the apportunity to read his book: “Circle  of God” 19th Century & Beyond”. When you knock on the door of Circle of God; the door will open for you, and your heart will be filled with love and peace.

  About the Book and the Author